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'If you are going to be an artist, you must be ashamed of nothing but to be ashamed.'

Welcome to the George Moore Association

Dedicated to the study of Moore's life and works

As a writer, Moore was a transitional, boundary-crossing figure

  • From the 19th to the 20th century

  • Across Ireland, France, and the UK

  • From naturalism to modernism

  • From the novel to precursors of 'personal nonfiction'

  • From sole authorship to collaborative forms of social authorship

  • From hetero to polyvalent sexualities

Conference: The Transitional: George Moore at the Fin de Siecle 

There's more, much more

to learn about George Moore...

Manet, George Moore (Metroolitan Museum

Portrait of George Moore by Edouard Manet, May 1879, in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.

2024 Conference. 


The website for the 2024 George Moore International Conference at the University of Liverpool is now live.  It will be regularly updated to give a picture of what is planned for 8-10 May 2024.  We hope that the conference will attract new participants and we know that the visit to Liverpool will be interesting. One of the extra attractions will be a visit to the Chester Cup race – and you will remember that when G.H. Moore’s horse Coranna won that cup, he used some of the prize money to help his tenants during the famine.  Horse racing and gambling feature strongly in Esther Waters so there may be papers that address those aspects of the Moore history.


The deadline for submitting abstracts for papers (20 minutes) is Wednesday 20th December 2023.

Abstracts should be up to 200 words, should include a title and should be accompanied by a short biographical note of up to 100 words, plus email address and institutional affiliation (if applicable).

Abstracts should be sent as email attachments to:




This year celebrates the 200th Anniversary of Chester Racecourse.  The Chester Cup, won by Moore horse Coranna is a major part of the festival.  

Online shop for tickets is now open through the Liverpool website (deadline 20th December)  Huge demand is expected so to ensure you are there it is  strongly advised to book now.  Recommended is the least expensive ticket.


 George Moore: Spheres of Influence has now been published.  The volume contains a wide variety of studies relating to GM, his writings, his influences, his times and adventures.  Edited by Kathryn Laing and Mary Pierse, the other contributors are Ann Heilmann, Márta Pellerdi, Kathi R. Griffin, Michel Brunet, George Hughes, Maggie Breslin, Brendan Fleming, Nathalie Saudo Welby, Conor Montague, David Clare, and Claire Masurel Murray.  Encourage your libraries to acquire this new book.  For further information please go to the 'more' and 'recent news' in top right corner. 

George Moore’s Birthday Celebrations.


 24th February is the date of GM’s birthday.  We intend to celebrate just one day early when there will be a George Moore Day at the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin on 23rd February 2024. This will be a day when GM’s connections with art, and especially the art connected to the gallery, will feature, as will his links to aspects of Dublin during his sojourn in Ely Place.  You can expect live music and historical references in elegant surroundings.  There will be no entrance charge. As plans develop, we shall let you know all the necessary details.  Meanwhile, mark the date in your diary.  We are very grateful to Dr O’Donnell and the gallery for the opportunity to highlight the artistic riches of a time, a place, and an author.






For further information on Moore related topics, please go to ‘more’ and ‘recent news’

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