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Life of George Moore

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Walter Sickert, sketch of GM for VANITY

A Brief Chronology

A bullet-point outline of events in Moore's life.

Mark Fisher, George Moore, MF was GM's D


Leading painters did portraits of Moore; here are some of them.

Moore Hall, 1920s.jpg

Places George Moore Lived

Photographs of his primary residences, in chronolgical order.

GM cover.jpg

Biographical Summary

A narrative of Moore's life closely based on the Yale UP 2000 biography.

Maud Burke, Lady Cunard, GM's beloved fr

Women in George Moore's Life

Moore often collaborated with women writers, or fell in love with them, or both.

GM calendar, 1 page.jpg


Not so terribly witty as Wilde, Moore still turned enough epigrams to fill 'The George Moore Calendar.'

AE, George Russell.jpg


Learn more about George Moore and his contemporaries. 

Camille Pisarro, Apple Picking.jpg


Examples of particular paintings in the novels.



Moore went from being a passionate Wagnerian to one interested in contemporary music.

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