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George Moore:Spheres of Influence


has now been published and is available from

Albert Nobbs & Other  Stories - a new translation.

Professor Michel Brunet, a stalwart and enthusiastic member of the George Moore community has written a comprehensive introduction to a new bilingual edition of Albert Nobbs & Other Stories.  This most welcome addition to the GM oeuvre will enhance George Moore's reputation at home and abroad. 


Thomas Seymour has  published A Boon Companion, a volume providing invaluable record of the friendship between George Moore and Lord Howard de Walden, and locating them in the cultural circles of the fin de siècle and later. The book reproduces letters in GM’s own hand. Mr Seymour has generously donated a copy of the book to the George Moore Association.  Copies may also be bought from Thomas Seymour directly (see details on image).



The Book of Experience: From Anselm of Canterbury to Bernard of Clairvaux. 

Emmanuel Falque, translated by George Hughes

Publisher: Bloomsbury. (publishing date: Jan 2024)


Conor Montague, a valued associate of the George Moore Association,  has recently published a collection of short stories, Capital Vices.  The volume is getting excellent reviews.  It can be purchased here:


Katrina Kell, a member of the George Moore Association, has written a novel inspired by Moore's character Edwin Dayne.  The novel, Chloe, will be published February 27, 2024, by Echo/Bonnier Books UK.  Several quotes from George Moore appear as epigraphs throughout the novel. Chloé will be available in print, eBook, and audiobook formats.


Michael Gerard has published a historical novel The Irish Merchant of Alicante,  about the Moore family.  Further details from here:

Conor Montague, currently has a a film 'Nothing to be Done' on the festival circuit, on general release later this year.  It was an official selection at The Galway Film Fleadh in July, where it had its first screening.  You can see a clip of it here:

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