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George Moore:Spheres of Influence has now been published and is available from

This invigorating volume explores the literary worlds inhabited by the pioneering Irish author George Moore (1852–1933)



I Artistic Influences and Approaches
The French Artist as Father, Muse and Rival in Memoirs of My Dead Life 
Ann Heilmann
'Superfluous' Irish Gentry: Moore and Turgenev
Márta Pellérdi

Literature, Music, Art and the Salon: George Moore's Perennial Courting of Creativity
Mary Pierse

The Prefaces of George Moore: Enigma Variations
Kathi R. Griffin

II Cherchez La Femme?
Sphinxes without Secrets: Oscar Wilde, George Moore and the Woman Question   
Nathalie Saudo Welby  
George Moore, London ‘Literary Ladies’, Networks, and New Artistic Impulses
Kathryn Laing

The “Puzzle” of Gladys Parrish’s Carfrae’s Comedy and George Moore’s Evelyn Innes: Some Intertextual Connections  
Brendan Fleming

III. France: Fiction and Letters

Between France and Ireland: How George Moore and Helen Waddell used Héloïse and Abélard           
George Hughes

A French Train of Thought in ‘Two Men, a Railway Story’: From Impressionism to Expressionism          
Michel Brunet

Epistolary Truths: ‘How one runs to ones mother when in trouble’      
 Maggie Breslin

IV. Politics, Religion and Nationality

George Moore and Decadent Catholicism: a Case Study of Evelyn Innes            
Claire Masurel Murray

George Moore’s Irish Catholic Characters With 'English' Names 
                  David Clare
Appropriating George Moore: J.O. Hannay’s The Seething Pot       
           Conor Montague                                                                      

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In December 2020 The Mayo News published an article about George Moore and Moorehall which may be of interest.  See below. 

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