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List of Titles by George Moore

For a detailed account of the many variants, see Edwin Gilcher's  A Bibliography of George Moore. The various dates of publication for the following titles indicate significant revision. Moore was a tireless re-writer of his own books; Confessions of a Young Man in particular was a lifetime work-in-progress; as was Memoirs of My Dead Life.

An Anthology of Pure Poetry. Boni and Liveright: New York, 1924

Aphrodite in Aulis. Heinemann: London, 1930, 1931

"Apologia pro scriptis meis." General introduction, Carra Edition, vol. 1. Boni and Liveright: New York, 1922. xi-xxxiii. 

The Apostle.  A play. Maunsel: Dublin, 1911

Ave, vol. 1 of Hail and Farewell. Heinemann: London, 1911, 1937

Avowals. Boni and Liveright: NY, 1919. Heinemann: London, 1924. 

The Bending of the Bough: A Comedy in Five Acts. T. Fisher Unwin: London, 1921

The Brook Kerith: A Syrian Story. T. Werner Laurie: London, 1916; Carra Edition, Boni & Liveright: NY, 1923

Celibates. Walter Scott: London, 1895

Celibate Lives. Heinemann: London, 1927, 1937

Les Cloches de Corneville. Lyrics by George & Augustus Moore. Privately published, c. 1883

The Coming of Gabrielle. Boni & Liveright: NY 1921

A Communication to My Friends. Nonesuch: London, 1933

Confession d'un jeune anglais. Nouvelle Librairie Parisienne: Paris, 1889

Confessions of a Young Man. Swann Sonnenschein, Lowrey: London, 1888, 1889

Confessions of a Young Man. ed. Susan Dick. McGill-Queen's Univ Press: Montreal & London, 1972

Conversations in Ebury Street. Heinemann: London, 1924, 1930

A Drama in Muslin: A Realistic Novel. Vizetelly: London, 1886.  Walter Scott: London, 1893

Elizabeth Cooper: A Comedy in Three Acts. Maunsel: Dublin, 1913

Esther Waters. Walter Scott: London, 1894, 1899.  Boni & Liveright, 1922; Everyman: London, 1994

Esther Waters, A play. Heinemann: London, 1913

Evelyn Innes. T. Fisher Unwin: London, 1898, 1901, 1908

Flowers of Passion. Poems. Provost: London, 1877

Hail and Farewell. Ed. Richard Cave. Colin Smythe: Gerrards Cross, Bucks. 1976

Heloise and Abeland. Two vols. Boni & Liveright: NY, 1921

Impressions and Opinions. David Nutt: London, 1891; Brentano's: NY, 1913

In Single Scrictness. Stories. Heineman: London, 1922; Boni & Liveright: NY, 1922, 1923

The Lake. Heinemann: London, 1905, 1906, 1921

Lewis Seymour and Some Women. Heinemann: London, 1917

Literature at Nurse. A polemic. Vizetelly: London, 1885

The Making of an Immortal: A play in one act. Bowling Green Press: London, 1927

Martin Luther. A play. With Bernard Lopez. Remington: London, 1879

Memoirs of My Dead Life. Heinemann: London, 1906, 1921, 1928; Tauchnitz: Leipzig, 1906. Boni & Liveright: NY, 1920.

A Mere Accident. Vizetelly: London, 1887

Mike Fletcher. Ward and Downey:  London, 1889

A Modern Lover. Three vols. Tinsley: London, 1883.

Modern Painting. Walter Scott: London, 1893, 1896

A Mummer's Wife. Vizetelly: London, 1885, 1886.  Brentano's: NY, 1908

Muslin. Revision of A Drama in Muslin. Heinemann: London, 1915.  Boni & Liveright: NY, 1922

Pagan Poems. Newman & Co: London, 1881

Parnell and His Island. Swann Sonnenschein, Lowrey: London, 1887

The Passing of the Essenes. Heinemann: London, 1930

The Pastoral Loves of Daphnis and Chloe. Heinemann: London, 1924

Salve, vol 2 of Hail and Farewell. Heinemann: London, 1912, 1937

Sister Teresa. T. Fisher Unwin: London, 1901, 1909; Ernest Benn: London, 1929

Spring Days: A Realistic Novel. Vizetelly: London, 1888

A Story-Teller's Holiday. Priv. ptd for subscribers, Cumann Sean-eolais na h-Eireann, 1918

The Strike at Arlingford. A play. Walter Scott: London, 1893

Ulick and Soracha. Nonesuch: London, 1926

The Untilled Field. Stories. T. Fisher Unwin: London, 1903

Vain Fortune. Henry: London, 1891; Walter Scott, 1895

Vale, vol. 3 of Hail and Farewell. Heinemann: London, 1914, 1915, 1937

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